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dc.identifier.citationSample citation: Stewart, D.F. (1935). Spring Showers. A.C. Herald, 1(4), 3. Retrieved from
dc.descriptionThis issue contains articles pertaining to agriculture, college life and athletics. Examples of articles include: "Nova Scotia Juniors at the Royal", "A Trip to the Valley", "What College Means" and "Developing a Hard Rock Mine".
dc.format12 pages : 30 cm. Front cover missing.
dc.subjectNova Scotia Agricultural College
dc.subjectcollege activities
dc.subjectstudent life
dc.subjectNSAC alumni
dc.subjectcollege sports
dc.subjectmining engineering
dc.subjectAnnapolis Valley (N.S.)
dc.subjectRoyal Agricultural Winter Fair
dc.subjectagricultural exhibitions
dc.titleA.C. Herald, Vol. III, No. 2, 1937.
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