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    Unknown author (Dalhousie Libraries, 2005-10-01)
  • DalSpace: Collections from the Past and Present 

    Paon, Michelle (2011-10-13)
    Developed in 2007 and launched in 2008, the DalSpace repository carries a diverse range of items from the Dalhousie academic community. Several collections relate to the history of science and medicine in Nova Scotia, as ...
  • Expand Your Reach With Open Access: Author's Rights, DalSpace 

    Paon, Michelle (2011-09-08)
    The Libraries offer the DalSpace repository as a way for you to provide open access to your research. Deposits to DalSpace fulfill research funder requirements and provide usage stats on page views of your work. Find out ...
  • Expand Your Reach with Open Access: BioMedCentral 

    Ruggles, Tim (2011-09-08)
    BioMed Central is a Science, Technology and Medicine publisher which has pioneered the open access publishing model. Many of its journals have achieved high impact factors, and Dalhousie Libraries have lowered the cost for ...