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  • La Fiction cyclique, au-delà  des frontières du roman: Asimov, King, Tolkien 

    Besson, Anne (Dalhousie University. Electronic Text Centre, 2002)
    Cyclical fictional universes go beyond the limits of the novel. This first transgression, which is integral to the definition of the cycle itself, provokes what we could call a "will to completeness" in cyclical fiction. ...
  • Un Souvenir d'enfance de J. R. R. Tolkien 

    Thibault, Franck (Dalhousie University. Electronic Text Centre, 2004)
    Tolkien's work is home to many terrifying monsters. The spider is one of its most peculiar. It is constantly present in his novels and undergoes changes in its role and function. Tolkien does not use the spider simply to ...