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  • Short-distance expansion for the spin-spin correlation function of uniaxial dipolar systems 

    Fujiki, N. M.; De'Bell, K.; Geldart, D. J. W. (1992-03/01)
    Motivated by recent work on the critical resistivity of gadolinium, a detailed study has been made of the temperature dependence of the two-point vertex function in the large-momentum regime. The operator-project expansion ...
  • Spin correlations in the low-density electron system 

    Green, F.; Neilson, D.; Swierkowski, L.; Szymanski, J.; Geldart, D. J. W. (1993-02/15)
    The authors have calculated the spin susceptibility x(q,) within a microscopic model over the full range of densities of the electron liquid in the paramagnetic state. Electron-electron interactions are described by static ...