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  • Curved arrows and the electronic theory of organic chemistry 

    Leffek, K.T.; Pincock, J.A. (1995)
    The historical genesis of the curved arrow in organic chemistry is described during the debate in the pages of Chemistry and Industry (Review Section) from 1923 to 1926 between Robert Robinson, Christopher Ingold and others. ...
  • Improved Synthesis and Enhanced Reactivity of X-BODIPYs 

    Lundrigan, Travis
    F-BODIPYs are most known for their high thermal and photochemical stability, being quite chemically robust and having tunable fluorescence properties. This thesis focuses on three general areas of BODIPY chemistry: the ...
  • Reduction of metanitrobenzaldehyde with sodium arsenite 

    Nova Scotian Institute of Science; Bigelow, H. E.; Philip, Jean H. (Wm. Macnab & Son, 1929)
  • Synthesis and Catalytic Ability of Diazaphospholenes 

    Adams, Matt
    This thesis presents a facile entry into diazaphospholene catalysis, harnessing pre- catalysts formed through the reaction of diazaphospholene-bromide compounds with neopentyl alcohol, to afford crystalline pre-catalysts. ...
  • The synthesis of 1,2-bis(4’-(triazenyl)phenyl)ethanes 

    Brown, D.S.; Vaughan, K.; Merrin, M.P. (1995)
    A series of1,2·bis-(4'-(triazenyl)phenyl)ethanes (2) has been synthesised by bis-diazotization of ethylene dianiline, and coupling of the resulting bis-diazonium salt with appropriate alkyl or dialkylamines. The bis-triazenes ...