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  • Indentation and Wear Behavior of Superelastic TiNi Shape Memory Alloy 

    Neupane, Rabin (2014-04-01)
    TiNi shape memory alloy is characterized by shape memory and superelastic effects which occur due to reversible martensite transformation. It has been recently found that TiNi alloy has superior dent and wear resistance ...
  • Nanoindentation Study of the Surface of Ion-Exchanged Lithium Silicate Glass 

    Calahoo, Courtney; Zhang, Xiaofang; Zwanziger, Josef W (American Chemical Society, 2016-02-25)
    Variations in mechanical properties (stiffness and hardness) were measured as a function of case depth in ion-exchange glasses using nanoindentation. A simple silicate composition, 30Li2O–70Si2O, was exchanged (Li+ ↔ K+) ...