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    Halfyard, Edmund (2014-08-14)
    This thesis focuses on the estuarine, coastal and marine mortality of Atlantic salmon. The overall objective is to better understand the factors affecting the survival of Atlantic salmon during their early marine phase. ...
  • Modelling phase shifts in a rocky subtidal ecosystem 

    Lauzon-Guay, Jean-Sebastien; Scheibling, Robert Eric; Barbeau, Myriam A. (Inter-Research, Nordbuente 23 Oldendorf/Luhe 21385 Germany, [], [URL:], 2008-03)
    The rocky subtidal ecosystem of the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia is characterised by 2 community states, kelp beds and urchin barrens that alternate on a decadal time scale. While the shift from barrens to a kelp bed ...
  • A Nova Scotia life table 

    Jost, A.C.; Nova Scotian Institute of Science (The Ross Print Limited, 1924)
  • Pacific Salmon in Hot Water: Applying Aerobic Scope Models and Biotelemetry to Predict the Success of Spawning Migrations 

    Farrell, A. P.; Hinch, S. G.; Cooke, S. J.; Patterson, DA; Crossin, Glenn Terrence; Lapointe, M.; Mathes, M. T. (University of Chicago Press, P.O. Box 37005 Chicago IL 60637 USA, [], [URL:], 2008-12)
    Concern over global climate change is widespread, but quantifying relationships between temperature change and animal fitness has been a challenge for scientists. Our approach to this challenge was to study migratory ...
  • Probability and mitigation of vessel encounters with North Atlantic right whales 

    Vanderlaan, Angelia SM; Corbett, James J.; Green, Shannon L.; Callahan, John A.; Wang, Chengfeng; Kenney, Robert D.; Taggart, Christopher T.; Firestone, Jeremy (Inter-Research, Nordbuente 23 Oldendorf/Luhe 21385 Germany, 2009-03)
    Successful mitigation of vessel-whale encounters requires quantitative estimates of vessel strikes, how strike rates change over time, where strikes are most likely to occur, and options for minimizing strikes. In addressing ...