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  • Early Experiments 

    Dinwiddie, James (2009-07-27)
    This journal by James Dinwiddie written in 1777 lists a number of experiments related to electricity and electrical phenomena. This file consists of one journal that is 28 pages in length.
  • Mechanics, No. 1,2; Instruments; Experiments, No. 1-4 

    Dinwiddie, James (2009-07-22)
    These notes written by James Dinwiddie in 1786 focus on mechanics, instruments, and experiments. He touches on forces and motion in the mechanics section and mentions thermometers, pumps, and pendula in the instruments ...
  • Wheel Carriages 

    Dinwiddie, James (2009-07-24)
    In this journal by James Dinwiddie, he discusses wheel carriages and their design. He discusses the relationship between wheels and axles as well as the different sizes required by different vehicles. This file consists ...