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  • Astronomy 

    Dinwiddie, James (2009-07-24)
    In this scientific journal, James Dinwiddie focuses on astronomy. He discusses the solar system, sunspots, comets, and the moon. This file consists of one journal that is 54 pages in length.
  • Cartography 

    Dinwiddie, James (2009-07-24)
    This scientific journal by James Dinwiddie focuses on navigation by stars which is demonstrated through a series of calculations. This file consists of one journal that is 24 pages in length.
  • Longitude by the Chronometer and Moon - Journal through China 

    Dinwiddie, James (2009-08-20)
    This journal, dated 1793-1794, contains Dinwiddie's observations about Chinese culture and also includes his notes regarding experiments he conducted with longitude by Chronometer. This file consists of one journal, 408 pages.