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  • The Architecture of Memory: Creating Personal Memory Within the Collective 

    Lau, Liz (2012-08-13)
    This thesis explores the theoretical, psychological, and phenomenological notions of the singular personal memory and the collective memory through civic architecture. The main design guidelines are inspired by the ancient ...
  • Layers. Issue 03 

    MacNairn, Gwendolyn; Marcoux, Julie; Boxall, James; Strang, Jennifer; Chua, Sai Choi (Dalhousie University Libraries, 2017-12)
    Enhancing the impact of the Halifax Explosion with 3D mapping - Dalhousie spatial community welcomes new faculty - Tips from Jen Strang for the GIS community - Tips from Julie Marcoux for the Data community - Opportunities ...
  • Nova Scotia Medical Bulletin 10(2), 1931 

    Medical Society of Nova Scotia; Medical Society of Nova Scotia (Halifax, Medical Society of Nova Scotia, 1931)
  • Nova Scotia Medical Bulletin 24(5),1945 

    Medical Society of Nova Scotia (Medical Society of Nova Scotia, 1945)
  • Nova Scotia Medical Bulletin 29(12), 1950 

    Medical Society of Nova Scotia (Medical Society of Nova Scotia, 1950)