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  • Assessing Poetry Markup with NUScholar 

    Jyoti, Megha (2013-12-23)
    Scansion is the process of identifying the rhythm of a poem, which plays an important part in the process of analysing a poem by assisting readers in understanding its textual and contextual meaning. Usually, poetry students ...
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Visualization Design for Twitter Conversations on Academic Topics 

    Liu, Shali
    Our research focuses on evaluating the efficiency of the combination of the computed scores and visual representations of features. W conducted a two-phased user study. The first phase were designed to determine the important ...
  • GestAnnot: A Paper Annotation Tool for Tablet 

    Singh, Varinder (2013-12-23)
    Active Reading is an important part of a knowledge worker’s activities; it involves highlighting, writing notes, marking with symbols, etc., on a document. Many Active Reading applications have been designed in seeking to ...