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  • Degenerate Kundt Spacetimes and the Equivalence Problem 

    McNutt, David (2013-04-25)
    This thesis is mainly focused on the equivalence problem for a subclass of Lorentzian manifolds: the degenerate Kundt spacetimes. These spacetimes are not defined uniquely by their scalar curvature invariants. To prove two ...
  • Event Horizon Detection for Five Dimensional Stationary Black Holes 

    Forget, Adam
    n this thesis we show how to locate the event horizons for five dimensional (5D) stationary black holes. We present the Cartan algorithm in an arbitrary number of dimensions and apply it in 4D and 5D. To facilitate the ...
  • Volume-Preserving Coordinate Gauges in Linear Perturbation Theory 

    Herman, David Leigh (2013-02-27)
    The main goal of this thesis is to present cosmological perturbation theory (based on the standard Friedmann cosmological model) in volume-preserving coordinates, which then provides a suitable basis for studies in ...