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    Unknown author (Dalhousie Libraries, 2008-02)
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    Unknown author (Dalhousie Libraries, 2010-02)
  • DalSpace: Collections from the Past and Present 

    Paon, Michelle (2011-10-13)
    Developed in 2007 and launched in 2008, the DalSpace repository carries a diverse range of items from the Dalhousie academic community. Several collections relate to the history of science and medicine in Nova Scotia, as ...
  • Expand Your Reach With Open Access: Author's Rights, DalSpace 

    Paon, Michelle (2011-09-08)
    The Libraries offer the DalSpace repository as a way for you to provide open access to your research. Deposits to DalSpace fulfill research funder requirements and provide usage stats on page views of your work. Find out ...
  • Heuristic Evaluation of Dalhousie Repository Interface 

    ALJohani, Maha (2013-07-31)
    The number of Institutional Repositories (IRs), such as DalSpace, has been growing in the past few years. However, most IRs are not widely used by the intended end users. Evaluating the user interfaces is an essential part ...