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  • L'ultimo upgrade 

    Pellegrini, Valerio (Dalhousie University. Electronic Text Centre, 2003)
    The symbiosis between man and technology is obvious in the robot who is the main character of the movie Bicentennial Man, adapted in 1999 from Isaac Asimov's short story bearing the same title. The humanist search of ...
  • La Fiction cyclique, au-delà  des frontières du roman: Asimov, King, Tolkien 

    Besson, Anne (Dalhousie University. Electronic Text Centre, 2002)
    Cyclical fictional universes go beyond the limits of the novel. This first transgression, which is integral to the definition of the cycle itself, provokes what we could call a "will to completeness" in cyclical fiction. ...
  • Quand la science-fiction précède la science : La Conception de l'histoire d'Isaac Asimov dans Fondation 

    Grimoult, Cedric (Dalhousie University. Electronic Text Centre, 2005)
    In the initial Foundation trilogy (1941-1953), Isaac Asimov adopts a probability-based view of human history, resulting from accidental events brought together by the selective pressure of diverse socio-cultural factors. ...