Institute for Ocean Research Enterprise (IORE) is a member-driven not-for-profit corporation. It was established in 2011 as a consortium of 14 industry, academic and government partners for the initiation, support, application and commercialization of world-class scientific research. IORE seeks to address the economic, social, technological, environmental, and policy challenges that exist for regional coast waters, Canadian oceans and international oceans. IORE conceives, develops and supports collaborative ocean research programs involving private companies, universities, and government researchers.
To address the problems facing our oceans, IORE is actively engaged in projects that will increase the quality and impact of marine research. We will obtain large-scale funding, educate and train highly-qualified people in marine issues, partner with industry leaders and apply our research to public policy and commercial endeavors.

Our Agenda
    IORE’s agenda encompasses a wide variety of marine-related research interests including:
  • Marine observation, prediction and response
  • Marine living resource conservation, biodiversity and risk assessment
  • Marine energy solutions and resources
  • Marine security
  • Marine technology
  • Marine governance and management