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  • Stability of Curved Interfaces in the Perturbed Two-Dimensional Allen-Cahn System 

    Iron, David; Kolokolonikov, Theodore; Rumsey, John; Wei, Juncheng (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2009)
    We consider the singular limit of a perturbed Allen-Cahn model on a bounded two-dimensional domain: $\left\{\begin{array}{@{}ll@{}} u_t = \varepsilon^2 \Delta u - 2 (u - \varepsilon a) (u^2 - 1), & x \in \Omega \subset ...
  • Yonggan Zhao CV 

    Zhao, Yonggan (2013-09-30)
  • Issues of the ends of life 

    Waite, Terry; Downie, Jocelyn; Lebacqz, Karen; Chochinov, Harvey M.; Thompson, Genevieve; Blakeney, Allan E.; Beresford, Eric; Christie, Innis; Stuewe, David (Trafford, 2013)